When should a diabetic see a podiatrist?

Q: When should a diabetic see a podiatrist?
A: Every person with diabetes should have a relationship with a diabetic foot specialist. This means you, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Even if you don't have a problem or don't think you're currently at risk, it is important to do.

When you are first assessed by your podiatrist, you will have a comprehensive examination, including an assessment of your circulation and nerve function. Both of these issues are significant risk factors that have the potential to put your foot and leg at risk. Having a baseline study allows us to catch any problems early and treat them while they are manageable. You'd be surprised how many issues we find on this initial screening even when there are no symptoms.

You should not wait for a diabetic foot problem to arise before visiting a podiatrist. Prevention is the best medicine! Contact Family Foot Care to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin McDonald. Together we will ensure your feet stay with you for a lifetime.