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Foot and ankle injuries are very common for athletes and anyone who exercises regularly, including weekend warriors. If you have foot or ankle pain resulting from an injury, contact any of InStride Family Foot Care’s locations in Albemarle, Concord, Matthews, Wake Forest, Gastonia, or Monroe, or one of the two clinics in Charlotte, North Carolina. The dedicated podiatry team can use on-site imaging to quickly diagnose you and treat you with a personalized sports medicine plan. Before your injury worsens, book an exam through the website or over the phone with the office nearest you.

Sports Medicine Q&A

Why is sports medicine important?

Sports medicine is important for three key reasons: to relieve pain, to promote healing, and to prevent reinjury. Whether you have a soft-tissue injury, such as an ankle sprain, or a bone fracture, getting a podiatrist involved early on is essential for proper healing.

Undergoing sports medicine therapy is particularly important to:

  • Lower your risk of chronic conditions athletes face, like tendinitis
  • Learn proper stretching and cross-training techniques
  • Help you continue performing at your best 

Building a relationship with a sports medicine specialist also gives you someone to call if you experience sudden trauma. You have a provider who already knows your health history and sport, so they can help you get back in the game as quickly as possible. 

When should I see a sports medicine specialist?

InStride Family Foot Care is home to top-rated podiatrists who have advanced training in sports medicine for all levels of athletes — from amateur to professional. You need to get started with sports medicine care if you:

  • Have ongoing pain or swelling in your foot, ankle, or lower leg
  • Are beginning a new sport or exercise 
  • Have a history of sports injuries

Early intervention ensures optimal healing. It’s particularly important to have a podiatric sports medicine exam at InStride Family Foot Care if you had an injury to your lower extremities. A sudden twist or fall, or an injury that occurs because someone landed on your foot, are urgent issues that require prompt medical intervention. 

Which treatments does a sports medicine podiatrist provide?

InStride Family Foot Care has on-site digital X-ray and diagnostic ultrasound capabilities. This helps in the diagnostic process, so your podiatrist can confirm and rule out conditions and get you started on treatment quickly. The podiatry team provides the following sports medicine solutions (to name a few):

  • Cortisone injections
  • Custom orthotic inserts
  • Therapeutic ultrasound 
  • Immobilization with a brace or cast 
  • Customized stretching and strengthening 
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT)
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

While conservative sports medicine treatments are beneficial in most cases, surgery is sometimes necessary. If you need surgery to treat a sports injury, your podiatrist works with you throughout your rehabilitation and helps you cross-train, so you can quickly return to your sport with few to no limitations.

InStride Family Foot Care provide integrative sports medicine solutions for athletes of all levels. Book your sports medicine exam online or over the phone with any office today.