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Because ankle pain can occur from something as simple as a little overuse, all the way up to a bone fracture, it isn’t something you should ignore. With the help of the leading podiatry team at InStride Family Foot Care in Albemarle, Concord, Matthews, Wake Forest, and Monroe, Gastonia, as well as the two clinics in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can undergo comprehensive diagnostic testing and personalized treatment for your ankle pain. Don’t delay another day. Schedule a visit at any office through the website or over the phone.

Ankle Pain Q&A

What causes ankle pain?

Your lower leg bones, connective tendons and ligaments, nerves, and muscles, to name a few components, all come together in your ankle joint. Together, these components absorb shock, help you push off when you walk or run, and support your entire body weight.  

A sudden ankle roll or misstep though, and you can seriously injure your ankle. Pain can occur because of injury or damage to any part of your ankle joint. Below are some of the top causes of ankle pain.

Ankle sprain

The most common cause of ankle pain, an ankle sprain occurs when you have ligament damage. You may overstretch or tear one or more of the ligaments in your ankle joint. 


A broad term for over 100 different types of conditions, arthritis leads to chronic joint inflammation. You can develop arthritis because of wear-and-tear, previous injury, or autoimmune disease. 


Gout, a type of arthritis, is a result of uric acid stones that get stuck in your joints. This agonizing joint condition occurs when your uric acid levels spike, often because of poor kidney function, poor diet, or obesity. 

Ankle instability

If your ankles are weak and unstable, it may simply be something you inherited. You can develop ongoing pain because of structural problems you were born with. But it’s also possible to have lingering ankle instability and pain because of a previous injury. 

Ankle fracture

An ankle fracture can be as simple as a stress fracture from overuse, or as complex as a complete fracture from trauma. In either case, prompt medical attention is required to ensure proper healing.

Nerve compression

Your ankle pain may be a result of nerve compression. If protective components wear down and start working too closely together, or if you injure your ankle, one or more of your nerves can become pinched. 


Tendinitis means you have inflammation of any of the tendons in your foot, ankle, or lower leg (like your Achilles tendon). While commonly caused by overuse, tendinitis can also be the result of poor warmup habits or ill-fitting shoes. 

How does a podiatrist diagnose ankle pain?

To get to the root of your pain, your InStride Family Foot Care podiatrist talks with you about your symptoms and what happened during your injury (if applicable). During your physical exam, your podiatrist:

  • Evaluates your range of motion
  • Checks for tender spots
  • Evaluates your ankle stability

You may also need an on-site digital X-ray or ultrasound to aid in the diagnostic process. Once your podiatrist diagnoses you, they counsel you about your treatment path. 

What is the treatment for ankle pain?

It takes time to recover from ankle pain-causing issues. After all, keeping off your feet for several weeks to allow healing is next to impossible. Your podiatrist works diligently to administer treatments that reduce pain and help you heal as quickly as possible. You may need:

  • RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression, and elevation)
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT)
  • Immobilization with a splint, cast, or brace
  • Custom orthotic shoe inserts
  • Cortisone injections 
  • Physical therapy 

Severe fractures, tendon or ligament tears, or severe ankle instability may require you to undergo surgery to make essential repairs. But with a team of qualified foot and ankle surgeons on your side at InStride, you can expect an effective treatment.

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