My foot does not fit in a shoe what do I do?

Q: My foot doesn't fit in a shoe, what do I do?
A: A number of diabetes complications can prevent you from wearing a store-bought shoe. These can include swelling, foot deformities, such as Charcot deformity, and the need to use an insole inside your shoe. There are a couple of options to handle this.

Many people with diabetes, and certainly those with any of the above issues, are qualified to receive diabetic shoes and insoles which are covered by Medicare and private insurance. These shoes are made with extra-depth to accommodate feet that are less able to fit properly in a regular shoe.If you find that even an extra-depth diabetic shoe still doesn't allow your foot to fit into a shoe. In these cases, a custom shoe can be made from a mold of your foot and ankle. Because the shoe is made custom for you, it is able to be fabricated to the specific requirements of your foot.

At InStride Family Foot Care, we work with several lines of diabetic shoes to ensure we can cover a multitude of foot types and offer different colors and styles. If you have been having trouble finding shoes that fit properly, contact our InStride Family Foot Care office.