How do I stop my feet from sweating so much?

Q: How do I stop my feet from sweating so much?
A: Perspiring feet are a very common situation in Concord, NC with our hot and humid weather. Excessive sweating can cause a number of problems, such as dry, cracked skin, Athlete's foot, and toenail fungus. There are ways to control perspiration and the issues that comes with it.

There are prescription-strength antiperspirants that effectively dry the feet. Because of their strength, however, they can only be used in adults. The fungal problems can also be treated at the same time. Treatment for excessive perspiration must be maintained long term for the issues to not return. A more moderate option is to use an anti-persperant lotion. In our offices we use Bromilotion to safely scontrol excessive sweating.

Contact Family Foot Care to be evaluated by Dr. Kevin McDonald. He will recommend the best treatment for your sweaty feet available in North Carolina.