Concord and Harrisburg - Podiatrist

InStride Family Foot Care is a podiatry practice based in Cabarrus County in North Carolina. Podiatry is the diagnosis and medical and surgical management of disorders of the human foot and ankle. We strive to provide excellent health care in an efficient yet "down home" manner. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your feet or how we may help keep you walking in comfort. Whether you are suffering from bunions, heel pain, in need of diabetic foot care, or any other foot or ankle ailment, you're in good hands.

"People expect to get old - their teeth wear old and they get fillings and replacements; their eyes wear out and they get glasses; their hearing gives out and they get hearing aids. Somehow, people never expect their feet to wear out. The feet are supposed to go on forever and yet the feet work hard every day under some pretty rough conditions. Your podiatrist is the foot care expert and is dedicated to keeping you walking in comfort."